Trees in our farm

Over the last five months, we planted around 8500 trees in our farm. We could not have done it without Fr.V, Isha Foundation, Nandi Nursery, Siruthuli and all the labourers who helped us. Here is the list of species: Over the last five months, we planted around 8500 trees in our farm. We could not

A Taste of Gift Economy

I befriended Gunasekaran when I volunteered with a bunch of friends at Athmas (a local group) to work in his organic farm. On and off we met at a few gatherings and when work was happening in full swing our farm, he showed up a few times. Each time he would just as a few

Gita in a Pair of Gloves

When Jean Yao came to know that we are moving to India and take up farming, she gifted us two pairs of garden gloves. After we started farming, we have used them so much that at one point it was fully covered with mud. But I never took the time to thank her. Until today.

A Live Fence

“Just fence a farm and leave it alone.  Come back in 10 years and you’ll find a thriving eco-system.”  We hear a lot of such statements. Unfortunately, we are not wise enough to wait for 10 years and would like to do ‘some thing’ towards the creation of an eco-system – mainly for our own

One for the Bioneers

In late 2007, as we were preparing for our move back to India, Nipun and Guri tagged us with free tickets to an awesome but expensive conference on sustainability – The Bioneers. With Aum in tow, Ragu and I took turns to listen in person to many great folks that we had only read about.

Farm as it Evolves

Thanks to many thinkers and doers, the first phase of setting up the farm was completed recently. And it’s nice to breathe easy for a while. Looking back, the motor and water supply was the first one to come alive. Soon, an access road was laid which served as the main artery. The fencing and

In Active Hibernation

Sometime in October 2008, we felt well settled in our new environment. It was time to focus on the farm’s design as an eco-system but we didn’t feel like we were ready enough. We had some goals and ideas, a rough design and even a task list but the details were missing. So Ragu and

Seeing Eye to Eye

Mr. Palaniappan is a spirited 70 year old elderly person that takes care of the farm on which our current home is built. He lives away from his family but that doesn’t stop him from cooking great meals for himself. On a laid back afternoon, Aum and I were sitting on the porch and chatting

Lemon it up!

We had this not so unusual problem of hundreds of thousands of ants marching through the house, the front porch and side yard. They were clearly up to something big (a siege?) and we left them on their own for a couple of days. Their business was still unfinished. Nisha got tired of being up

Care in a Pair

We have a bunch of $5 bills given by friends with the loving mandate to do some things nice and small. It has inspired us to buy meals for janitors at the airport, pay forward the hotel rent, sponsor tabla classes for students that we haven’t met and a few other things. And those small acts have