Our temp village house

One of our local friends graciously offered his house on a plantain farm for free until we finish building our house (gift-economy at work!). When he told us that some things need fixing, we didn’t take him that seriously. We started the process of move-in and thus began a series of fixer upper tasks :

Eco House

After researching on green buildings for a while, we had decided to check out COSTFORD, an institute founded by the Gandhian architect, Laurie Baker in Trivandrum, Kerala. Sajan, the chief architect, looked at me and said, “I was expecting someone who is around 50 years”.  But he quickly warmed up to our story and said

First Seeds

We were introduced to Subash Palekar’s Zero Budget Farming (which is a catchy name for Natural Farming) by friends at Siruthuli, a local eco non-profit,. In this, we found a ready-to-walk bridge between Fukuoka’s spirit, Permaculture  guidelines and the specific needs of our farm.  Subash  Palekar has documented his intensive experiments over a span of 8 years in a series