Scythe Workshop

I first heard of Scythe, the tool, when our friend Nandan in Palghat  got it from Scythe Works in Canada to clear grass and bushes in his farm so he can walk.

It is a manual tool and if one can get the swing right, the tool is very effective in harvesting and clearning at ten times the speed of the sicke (minimum).

The tool costs approx Rs 5500 and is door delivered.

Naturally, it is not a tool that one can use out of the box. At least a few hours of training are needed for putting the tool together and getting the swing right.

And this year, the tool has an evangelist in India in Ananth who is traveling around the country promoting this appropriate technology. And is touring South India from 3rd to 13th February with various stops at Bangalore, Mysore, Coimbatore, Shimoga, Dharwad, Bijapur and Hyderabad.

In Coimbatore area, we have 2 farms where a day long training will be held on Feb 6th and 7th separately. The two farms are 100 kns apart, one in the east near Palladam and the other in the west near Siruvani.  If you are intersted in attending, please drop a note via our contact form with Scythe Training as the subject.

They have made videos to show the assembly and usage on a dedicated YouTube channel called Vikalp. Here is a sample


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