Principle#7 – Farm, Friends and Family

Laughing, playing and enjoying together are easy, even with strangers. But all relationships develop strains at some point. Hence, it is better to first develop friendship and kinship with the workers, neighbors and strangers and get ready to weather the storms. Friction in a healthy relationship, when dealt with patience, increases the strength of the relationship. Friction in an unprepared relationship, even with uncommon patience, leads to breakups for want of trust and receptivity.

So, we decided to unconditionally serve everyone we come across in whichever way we could. In the nine months we have been in our new farm, our services are being seen as, “Oh, they can afford it” or “Ah, they want to create a good impression.” There were a couple of instances of people who worked in our farm taking us for a ride. Well, trust takes time and we are willing to wait.

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