Farm life

Labour of Love

Post the farmers retreat, there was some interest in getting together and working on a local farm once a month. This month’s host was MG Farms in the nearby village […]

Hoogle Kulture: Onions

We discovered Hooglekulture couple of years back and have been fascinated by its possibilities. According to one definition, “Hugelkultur is nothing more than making raised garden beds filled with rotten […]

On my latest birthday, Ragu and I were out to attend a friend’s baby shower. When we came back to the farm, my mother-in-law pointed us to two healthy saplings […]

Some weeks ago, one morning like on most other days,  I finished the after-breakfast clean-up and looked up the clock before heading for a bath. And then I stopped.  It […]

Just In

This weekend, we moved into the guest house on the farm. It’s a one room, kitchen, bath-toilet configuration. It’s nice to wake up to coconut trees swaying to monsoon winds. […]

Since my last post Accepting Inefficiencies I’ve been looking at and thinking about the State-of-Unorganized-Labour in India. Phenomena like the breaking down of communities, unraveling of the social fabric etc […]

Timeliness, frugality, good skill and experience, deep subject knowledge, work ethics and love for labour – all of these factors contribute to the efficiency of a task. Over the last […]

Laughing, playing and enjoying together are easy, even with strangers. But all relationships develop strains at some point. Hence, it is better to first develop friendship and kinship with the […]