Turmeric of the Year

Turmeric is a popular crop in our area grown from May to Feb. The rhizome, or underground stem, is harvested after 10 months. The variety we grow is called “Erode Turmeric”, Erode being the name of a district famous for turmeric cultivation and trade.

As we set out with the long and thin bladed hoe, the weather was cool, trees were in bloom and the birds were singing. And we had three good showers that made it even more pleasant.  But the digging got long drawn with mushy soil, sticky tools and clumps of clay that came up with the rhizomes. But we’ve learnt not to complain about rains..at least, not too much.

The yield was not uniform though all the plants looked healthy.   From quarter acre we got about 700 kgs.  Our last year’s yield from a similar area was just over a ton. Overall, it is a modest harvest compared to what other farmers around us have harvested as well. Slideshow:




  1. Murali

    Dear Raghu/Nisha

    When I saw your son lying on a heap of turmeric a thought came to my mind. A person lying on a bed of roses in heaven can’t get the happiness you have given your son. May God bless you all.

  2. Harpreet

    HI Raghu and Nisha,

    I just read your about the call on:
    Easier Done Than Said: Ragu & Nisha’s Jaw Dropping Insights

    –Bela Shah, on Nov 15, 2011

    It was beautiful to read the story of transformation and self discovery…

    We were talking about you after the last weeks Awakin Circle in Santa Clara, so it was great to read about you.

    Pavi also gave us your blog, which I eventually remembered and found: Localgreen.org

    Thank you… 🙂
    And keep on Keeping on… as they say in the States!


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