Fencing Again

Because of some neighbours generously using our land in spite of repeated requests not to do so, we just finished fencing the southern and eastern boundary of the farm using the ‘traditional’ stone and barbed wire. Took a lot of time and a whole lot of money. We didn’t quite expect to be sowing so many stones this planting season but this is what has come up 🙂

At each step of the fencing process, some neighbour (or a distant one) was unhappy and work proceeded very slowly. We have to thank the fencing team for sticking with us through all the mess.

In the process, we lost 1 cent of our 2 acres (100 cents to an acre) but helped create a common road for some 30 farms that would run for one km. This road was under dispute for the last 18 years.

We could see greed at play in them and insecurity at play in us. The traditional village wisdom was also at play with 3 elders playing peace makers and deal makers.

The live fence of shrubs and small trees which was our first line of protection will now become the second line. And we can already feel the freedom that the wires strangely bring. And with that comes the new responsibility of maintaining one more fence 🙂

The western boundary remains to be fenced this way but that can probably till next year.

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