Principle#9 – Design in Modules

Initially, the idea of taking care of a big piece of land was overwhelming for us. We had a lot of questions that started with, “How are we ever going to…?”. But having the land divided into one acre parcels for irrigation brought some comfort. We only need to turn one valve in a day. And the further sub-division of each acre into 25 feet parcels brought more comfort. The laborers only need to prepare for planting or harvesting in one section in a given day. And in the ‘home needs’ acre, we have even smaller plots – raised beds of soil that are 10 feet by 4 feet.  And that is all we really need to take care of in a given day on a rotational basis. This gives us some confidence and brings a lot of instant gratification.

We find that a modular design makes the work look easier, provides gratification and isolates errors.

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