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Principle #3 – No Two Farms are Alike

No two farms are alike, hence the principles may remain the same but the practices are likely to differ We visited many farms to learn and to be inspired. It would have been very easy to copy them and jump into implementation. But we decided to design our farm from scratch to match our intentions


In recent times, many folks have asked us the secret sauce for planting a lot of trees in a short period. If there is a secret, it has to be in those trenches! Not all farms require trenching though. The decision to dig and the pattern in which they are dug depends on the contour

Trees in our farm

Over the last five months, we planted around 8500 trees in our farm. We could not have done it without Fr.V, Isha Foundation, Nandi Nursery, Siruthuli and all the labourers who helped us. Here is the list of species: Over the last five months, we planted around 8500 trees in our farm. We could not

A Taste of Gift Economy

I befriended Gunasekaran when I volunteered with a bunch of friends at Athmas (a local group) to work in his organic farm. On and off we met at a few gatherings and when work was happening in full swing our farm, he showed up a few times. Each time he would just as a few

Gita in a Pair of Gloves

When Jean Yao came to know that we are moving to India and take up farming, she gifted us two pairs of garden gloves. After we started farming, we have used them so much that at one point it was fully covered with mud. But I never took the time to thank her. Until today.

Care in a Pair

We have a bunch of $5 bills given by friends with the loving mandate to do some things nice and small. It has inspired us to buy meals for janitors at the airport, pay forward the hotel rent, sponsor tabla classes for students that we haven’t met and a few other things. And those small acts have

Eco House

After researching on green buildings for a while, we had decided to check out COSTFORD, an institute founded by the Gandhian architect, Laurie Baker in Trivandrum, Kerala. Sajan, the chief architect, looked at me and said, “I was expecting someone who is around 50 years”.  But he quickly warmed up to our story and said