On my latest birthday, Ragu and I were out to attend a friend’s baby shower. When we came back to the farm, my mother-in-law pointed us to two healthy saplings […]

Organic Certification

For long, we have resisted organic certification. When some of our farmer friends asked us to simplify what the 63 pages of APEDA certification meant, it sent our heads spinning. […]

Came across this comprehensive presentation on tree based farming. “Agroforestry practices, cropping patterns, fodder giving trees, Nitrogen fixing trees, list of economically important fast growing tree species, trees that have […]

Saw this video by digitalgreen…recommended by our friend Narasinga. Offers some valuable tips to create a green oasis even when water is scarce. The way agricultural land prices are sky […]

Because of some neighbours generously using our land in spite of repeated requests not to do so, we just finished fencing the southern and eastern boundary of the farm using […]

We’ve just started work on the 25 cents(10,000 sqft) of land around our house.  This area is very close to the road which is at a much higher level. Also, […]