Category: Farm Design

Planting Trees

The act of placing a tree sapling in a pit seems to be simple. But the pre-work and post-work can take up a lot of time if you are planting lots of trees in a short period. The pre-work involves figuring out: Where to plant and which ones in each location How many trees to

Principle #5 – Diversity is the Soul

Principle #5 – Diversity is the soul of a sustainable ecosystem We have planted about 40 plus species of 8500 trees in 8.5 acres. It was a long drawn yet inspiring project. One of the first things a lot of neighbours and visitors asked us was how could we be foolish enough to plant trees

Principle#4 – Natural Farming Means Nature does the Farming

Natural farming means nature does the farming and you take care not to allow anything unnatural to enter the farm In practice, for us this principle translates into a simple rule: Do Not Interfere unnecessarily. This means, beyond the initial design, abstaining from what is considered to be “normal” farming activities – tilling, weed elimination,

Principle #3 – No Two Farms are Alike

No two farms are alike, hence the principles may remain the same but the practices are likely to differ We visited many farms to learn and to be inspired. It would have been very easy to copy them and jump into implementation. But we decided to design our farm from scratch to match our intentions

A Live Fence

“Just fence a farm and leave it alone.  Come back in 10 years and you’ll find a thriving eco-system.”  We hear a lot of such statements. Unfortunately, we are not wise enough to wait for 10 years and would like to do ‘some thing’ towards the creation of an eco-system – mainly for our own